School Uniforms
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When Bladen County school students return to school on August 25, 2014 they’ll be in uniform. The board of education adopted a new dress code policy for all  schools in 2012 specifying that students will be required to wear a school uniform daily to school. Each school has chosen its own standard uniform and colors that represent the school.

Anecdotal evidence as a result of school uniforms points to a decrease in discipline and behavior problems amongst students, reduced distractions for students, reduced need for administrators and teachers to be ‘clothes police’, an infused sense of community between students and staff, a higher level of safety and security, and an enhanced learning environment.

Specific guidelines for each school can be found in the documents to the right. Students will have the option of choosing a polo collared shirt in white and two other solid school colors.; pants, capris, and/or shorts in solid black, khaki, navy, or grey color depending on the school; skirt, jumper, dress, or skorts in solid black, khaki, navy, or grey color depending on the school; belt in solid black or brown; and, socks  in solid black, brown, or white. Main color of shoe must be a neutral color of either black, white, brown, tan, grey, OR, be a school color. Shoe can also have one accent color.

All clothing must be free of labels, graphics or insignias of any kind except for the school logo. Acceptable shoes are tennis shoes, loafer, slip-on, lace up or Velcro style. Flip-flops, bedroom shoes, slippers, shower shoes, or spike heels are prohibited. Additional uniform and dress code specifics are available at each school.

Local retail stores that have agreed to stock the uniform items for parents to purchase are The Ladies Shop, Fisher’s Men’s Store, Leinwands, Sign Logic, and Walmart. Uniforms can also be purchased at Sear’s, JC Penny, Belk’s, Old Navy, and Target.